I’ve been an active sportsman all my life, playing all kinds of sport.

As well as having fun and enjoying discovering new skills, one of the most important lessons I’ve learnt from sport is how to make friends, communicate and work with people from different backgrounds.

I’ve played sport across the UK, with people from all over the world and understand the huge role it has played in my personal development.

My philosophy is that sport and physical activity have life-enhancing benefits for everyone. Whether that’s an improvement to health and wellbeing, education, social inclusion or participation, sports can change lives for the better.

I believe sport should be inclusive – as it can change the lives of people at every level of society. I believe strongly in social justice and in supporting people from disadvantaged communities to benefit from sports opportunities that they wouldn’t normally have access to.

In particular I have a passion for football and football clubs (having worked for Notts County FC Football in the Community for eight years), which are social as well as sporting and financial institutions. They sit at the heart of communities and reflect the values of those communities, building a collective identity. I firmly believe that clubs should remain rooted in their communities representing, reflecting and bringing their communities together.

I can help you maximise your value to local communities and grow your organisation by persuading funders, partners and the public to join your team.

Experience at the heart of the game

With vast experience of working alongside football organisations including the Notts and national FA, Premier League, EFL (English Football League), PFA (Professional Footballers’ Association), as well as Sport England, I have a deep understanding of the football and sports industries.

Having worked with staff at all levels in a professional football club, from Chairman, to the management team, players, commercial and ground staff, I understand what it takes to connect clubs meaningfully with their communities. Working with me will support you to achieve your aims and objectives, at the same time as winning the hearts and mind of local people – a win-win situation.

Business development

Having worked at senior level for many years, I can support you to initiate and develop practical, mutually beneficial collaborations and design cutting-edge projects that have deep social impact.

Marketing communications (below)

If you’re aiming for a higher profile and need marketing communications support, I have a strong track record in skilfully positioning organisations, clarifying messaging and defining key audiences to maximise exposure.